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  • A child is not allowed in the play areas with their shoes / footwear or barefoot. They have to wear socks at all times. Parents are requested to bring a pair of socks for their child or they can be purchased at the reception desk.

    Timings :

    • Weekdays 11am to 8pm
    • Weekends 11am to 9pm
    • National holidays and festival days timing will be same as Weekend timing
    • Center will be open all 7 days of the week!

    Tips & advice

    01. Toddlers must be supervised at all times by parents/guardians.

    02. Children who are unwell will not be permitted into the play areas.

    03. Strictly no food or drinks are allowed in the play areas.

    04. Outside food is strictly not allowed in the center.

    05. No sharps objects, pens, jewelry, coins etc are allowed inside the play areas.

    06. Smoking is strictly not permitted.

    07. Chewing gum by children and adults is strictly not permitted.

    08. Misbehaviour by children or adult guest will not be entertained.

    09. The books at the library must be handled with care. Any damages caused by the guest will be charged.

    10. LnB will bear no responsibility of lost or stolen items. Please ensure to keep a guard on your belongings.

    11. The Children and parents are requested to keep the play areas clean at all times. Please use the bins provided for trash.

    12. Children coming to attend any activities will not be allowed to use the play areas unless it is paid for.

    13.. As much as we provide supervisors at the play areas, parents are requested to keep a watch on their children. LnB cannot be held responsible for any injuries that may occur due to negligence.